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11 Things that will make you a better photographer right now

Everyone who owns a camera wants to be able to take good photographs. Here is a list of eleven things that will improve your photography immediately!
1. Read your Camera's Manual Most people never even crack their owners manual open after buying a camera. This manual will tell you all the nifty features and how to use them, many of which you might not even know about. It might even give you some tips on your photography. Every good photographer has to know their camera inside and out. Here's some motivation, did you know that if you've bought your pocket-sized camera within the last 4 years, it probably has a panorama mode?

2. Fill the Frame with a Simple Subject/Simplify your image Whatever you are taking a picture of should fill your frame. Too much going on in a photograph distracts from your subject and weakens the image. Simplify the image and you'll have a strong photograph.
3. Learn the Rule of 3rds Divide the the scene into thirds length-wise and again width-…
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Digital Zoom is the Devil

Yes, this post is why digital zoom is bad. Not just bad because it is a trick used by marketers to make the camera look better. No, digital zoom is bad because it takes your $150+ camera and turns it into a cheap $40 Chinese knock-off toy. I know that those are harsh words but here is a graphic illustrating the concept:

The first graphic represents your camera when you don't use digital zoom.

This second graphic represents what happens when you use your digital zoom to zoom in by 2x. The white space represents the number of pixels your camera has available after a 2x digital zoom.

With a 2x digital zoom,75% of your camera's pixels are not used. The ratio applies regardless of the number of pixels you have available. If you have a 10MP camera and you digitally zoom in 2x you effectively have a 2.5MP camera.

So, is zoom bad? No. There is a difference between optical zoom and digital zoom. Digital zoom crops your photo and throws information gathered by the sensor away. That is w…